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If China is the next step in your company’s expansion, Baidu Advertising can help you get there.

Baidu is currently China’s most popular search engine. With over 5 billion search results each day. If you have anything to sell to Chinese Internet users, Baidu advertising is a great place to gain traction for your company’s marketing objectives.

Baidu Advertising may seem very radically different from other frequently used advertising platforms, and to do an effective campaign requires in depth knowledge of China, digital marketing and Baidu. That’s where we come in.

Our Baidu pay per click management service

We provide a full turnkey solution comprising from integrating translation, content creation, Ad copywriting and optimization. Our Baidu pay per click management service includes:

Baidu account setup

Have your Baidu advertiser account setup quickly and effectively. From paperwork to set up, we do it for you

Ad copywriting

Creation of strategic ad copies and a/b testing will be done extensively to ensure that your ads reach the best conversion rates

Analytics integration

Whether you are using Google Analytics or other forms of analytic tools, we can assist to provide integration together with Baidu

Marketing analysis and keyword selection

Understanding your business, your industry and your competitors then working together to choose and streamline the keywords

Daily management

Our team will do optimization to the structure to ensure that your campaign receives the most relevant clicks at the lowest possible course

Monthly reports

Receive Monthly reports customized to meet the needs of your marketing team.

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александр лобановский супермаркет классобразование америка

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