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Mobile Site Development


Why do a mobile site? The answer is obvious, just look around when you are on the go. Everyone is online through their phone, tablets and even watches soon. If your website is not mobile friendly and responsive, the impact is huge.

Imagine you are interested in shopping for clothes online, you click into an online shopping website while on your mobile and only 25% of the website is visible to you, you try to browse but the experience is so troublesome that you rather get out of the site.

Won’t it be the same for other people as well? How many people would even bother to browse the site anymore? How much business are you losing?

Not just that, Google is penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly, which means your website is harder to find when people browse on their mobile devices.

Now as technology changes, designing a mobile site is no longer as simple as just converting your main website into mobile version.

Here, we understand people browse differently while on mobile, that is why the mobile websites we create are so different, from the information that is presented, to the design elements that is shown, we help you capture, intrigue , enrapture your audience when they are looking at you through their mobile devices

if you are looking for people to be engaged with your mobile website. Use our contact form or give us a call and lets discuss your project.

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