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Youtube Video Marketing


Did you know YouTube is counted as one of the Top 3 search engines in the world? With over a billion unique users going and searching for videos to view every month! And yet many business are not taking advantage of this to do YouTube marketing!! A lot of business are still relying on traditional Medias for their video campaigns, not realising the unique benefits which YouTube Marketing can offer for them

The Benefits of Youtube Advertising

Lower pricing and transparent costing
Compared to traditional media such as TV and/or Out-of-Home media like Signboards etc., the pricing is a lot lower and there are many options available on YouTube Marketing to optimize your spending. You can be assured your Ads can get the coverage it needs whilst you are paying the least amount possible to reach your targeted Audience.
Highly precise audience targeting
The beauty of advertising on YouTube is that you can do precise Audience targeting, target by age, gender, location, interests and more. e.g. You are selling cosmetics, wouldn’t it be great if your ads appear on a high viewership video on make-up tutorials with thousands of unique view per week!! It would associate your brand as must have for doing great make up, naturally sales would increase.
YouTube Marketing would allow you to show your Ads people that have expressed interest in your website or products/services when they are watching videos on YouTube as well
Measurable results
Traditional media like TV commercials, have no definite way of measuring results, whereas with Youtube Marketing, there is clear data on how your Ads are performing, results, and even means to track conversions. All the important factors needed to gleam the most ROI on your investment
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федерация футбола украины Павелкоконтурирование

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