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Call Tracking


  1. Track your phone leads back to their source.
  2. Spend money on the campaign that works.
  3. Understand how your clients communicate.
  4. Discover your most effective web pages that drive the most calls
  5. Optimize your business based on when you get the most calls.
  6. Keep ahead of your competitors.

HOW SmartCall WORKs?

  1. Ad Number Placement: SmartCall assigns a trackable phone number to each of your marketing channel eg Newspaper, Facebook, Google.
  1. Inbound Call Data: When a customer dials the phone number, SmartCall capture the calls data and forwards the calls seamlessly to your business phone.
  1. Reports & Insights
    Business owners can view their inbound call data real time & derive call trends through SmartCall dashboard.


Understanding Your Call Trends


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