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Shopping ads allow users to be better informed before clicking on an ad — giving shoppers all the information they need at a glance. So how does the magic happen?

What you’ll learn:

  • The components of a Shopping ad and where you can find them
  • The benefits of Shopping Ads
  • How Shopping campaigns work


You’re a marketer for KidsApparel and have had some success using text ads. With the launch of your new line of dinosaur shirts, your manager wants you to get more information about getting these products in front of users searching online.

What kind of information might be useful to show potential customers?

The name of the dinosaur shirt

Yes! You’ll want to provide your customers with details like the name of the dinosaur on your product. You should also include relevant attributes in the title such as brand, size, gender, and color.

The price of the dinosaur shirt

Definitely! You’ll want to make it clear to potential customers how much you’re charging for your product.

Pictures of dinosaur shirts

Of course! Once searchers see the awesome images of your product, how can they resist? In this course, we’ll show you how to take advantage of Google Shopping to get all of this information in front of potential customers!


Using Google Shopping ads could potentially be a powerful way to promote the KidsApparel dinosaur line! But where exactly would your Shopping ads appear?


Wow! Your dinosaur Shopping ads can appear in many places! Now your manager wants to know more about how Shopping ads would increase sales. Let’s explore other advantages of choosing Shopping ads.

More qualified leads click your ad2020-11-12T02:38:57+00:00

Shopping ads show shoppers exactly what KidsApparel has for sale before they even reach your site, which makes them more likely to click on your ad, make a purchase, and increase your ROI. For example, when Sally does a Google search for “dinosaur shirt” she might see Shopping ads from merchants selling dinosaur shirts. She can tell which shirt fits her taste and whether the shirt fits her budget. This means that by the time Sally clicks on the ad, she has a good sense of the product and its cost, which puts her further down the purchasing funnel compared to the average web user.

Ads are cost-per-click (CPC)2020-11-12T02:39:39+00:00

With Shopping ads, you’re charged only if someone clicks the ad and lands on your website. Many businesses experience significantly higher clickthrough rates (CTR)with Shopping ads compared to text ads shown in the same location for shopping-related searches. In some cases, advertisers have experienced double- or triple-standard clickthrough rates.

Ads are displayed on Google and around the web2020-11-12T02:40:14+00:00

You can use your Shopping campaign to run Shopping ads on Google and around the web where potential customers can see what KidsApparel is selling. If relevant, a Shopping ad and a text ad can also appear at the same time. This means your reach with shoppers for a single search could double.

You can identify insights and growth opportunities through performance data2020-11-12T02:40:53+00:00

See how your products are performing at any level of granularity you want. For example, you can see how many clicks a particular brand of kids’ shirts got just by filtering your products view — no new product groups needed. You can also use benchmarking data to get insights into your competitive landscape, and identify growth opportunities with impression share data and the Bid Simulator tool.